Fabric Type

We appreciate that it is often very difficult to know the weight or thickness of the fabric when purchasing on-line because the picture does not enable you to actually feel the fabric itself. SHUKR has therefore classified the different fabrics it uses into different degrees of weight and thickness in order to help the customer make an informed purchasing choice:

1. Very Light / Extra Thin
2. Light / Thin
3. Light Medium / Thin Medium
4. Medium Weight / Thickness
5. Heavy Medium / Thick Medium
6. Heavy / Thick
7. Extra Heavy / Extra Thick

Some customers are also interested in knowing what the type of fabric construction is. We have included this information for those concerned, labeled as Class. SHUKR uses either woven fabrics or knitted fabrics. A woven fabric is made nowadays by high-tech specialist weaving machines, which interlace 2 distinct set of straight threads, one running lengthwise (warp thread), the other crosswise (weft thread). There are 3 basic types of weave: plain, twill and satin. A knitted fabric, on the other hand, is made by a machine that directs the yarn on a meandering path, forming symmetric loops symmetrically above and below the mean path of the yarn. Knitted fabrics normally have a lot more elasticity than woven fabrics. Jersey is a popular type of knitted fabric which SHUKR often uses.

Finally, SHUKR, like all companies, often uses the same fabrics for many designs. Repeat customers may like a fabric of a particular garment they purchased from SHUKR in the past and would like to know what other products are available in this same fabric. In order to help customers identify the different fabrics we have now included a code for all fabrics which are used. For example, the C1 fabric is used to produce the Asymmetrical Flared Skirt (wT9102) and the Contrast Tunic (wB3301). Look for the fabric code after Code.