Shipping Charges and Delivery Policy

SHUKR understands that shipping needs to be cost effective, timely, easy to calculate, and reliable.

Please note that if you give DHL the authorization to deliver a package without a signature, SHUKR is not responsible for the package if it goes missing. We do not recommend giving DHL authorization to deliver without a signature.

No Customs Charges

SHUKR now pays all customs duties on most deliveries. You only pay for the product and shipping. We pay the rest. However, in the event that you return an item for a refund, you will be charged a 20% restocking fee to cover losses made in shipping the item at a discounted rate and any customs fees we might have paid. If you return items for an exchange, you will not be charged a restocking fee.

How to get refunded for Customs charges (if applicable):

  1. When your item is delivered by DHL, you will be asked to pay customs charges before receiving your item.
  2. Scan or take a clear photo of the invoice, showing how much you paid in customs fees.
  3. Submit a ticket to our support team. Use the “About my Order" option and upload the invoice as an attached file
  4. Once your ticket has been received, our Customer Service team will refund you the amount paid for customs.
  5. Please note that these steps apply for all International locations except Central and South America, Mexico, Africa, Bosnia and Kazakhstan.

Cost-Effective Shipping

Shipping to the US and Canada is USD $6.95 flat-rate for any size order.

For Canadian customers, however, if you wish to return an item you will be charged a return shipping fee of USD $2.95 per item.

Orders are shipped from Amman, Jordan

United States of America USD $6.95 5 business days 
Canada USD $6.95 5 business days

Timely shipping

The date of shipping is generally 1 or 2 working days after you place your order. For an estimated date of shipment, please refer to the chart below:

Monday Tuesday (the next day)
Tuesday Wednesday (the next day)
Wednesday Thursday (the next day)
Thursday Friday (the next day)
Friday Monday (after the weekend)
Saturday Monday (after the weekend)
Sunday Monday (the next day)


We are able to track all orders from the moment they leave our warehouse until the point they reach your doorstep. In the unlikely event that your shipment does not arrive within the specified time frame, please submit a ticket using the “About My Order” option, and we will track your package, ensuring a speedy recovery.

For further information about our shipping policy please see our Terms and Conitions of Sale.

For more information, please submit a ticket using the Other Questions option.