Shipping Charges and Delivery Policy

SHUKR has partnered with DHL, one of the world’s leading logistics companies, to provide you with cost-effective, quick and flexible shipping.

Once we ship your order: you will receive a tracking number for your shipment, allowing you to track your order from the moment it leaves our warehouse until the point it reaches your doorstep. You will also have an opportunity to re-schedule the delivery with DHL according to a time convenient for you if necessary.

Orders are shipped from our warehouse in Amman, Jordan.

Please note that if you give DHL the authorization to deliver a package without a signature, SHUKR is not responsible for the package if it goes missing. We do not recommend giving DHL authorization to deliver without a signature.

Avoiding returns!

SHUKR wants you to be happy with your purchase and not have to return it. Most returns from online clothing stores are made because of sizing issues. SHUKR has therefore gone to extra lengths to make choosing the correct size an almost risk-free affair. We offer two charts to help customers choose the correct size: a body size chart and a garment measurements chart. These 2 charts can be found together on each product page in the tab called “Size Guide”, found underneath the “Add to Bag” icon. Use the body size chart to take the measurements of your own body and the garment measurements chart to see the measurements of the actual clothing itself, which you can then compare to any item of clothing you already own to see if it is similar or not. If you use both charts then you will be guaranteed the correct clothing size, inshaAllah.

No customs charges

There are no customs duties when shipping to the US. You only pay for the product and shipping.


Shipping and Returns Charges

Shipping on all orders over $100 is FREE.
Shipping for orders under $100 is a flat rate $6.95.

Returns shipping costs $4.95 per item if items are returned for a refund. So, for example, returning 1 item will cost $4.95; 2 items will cost $9.90; 3 items will cost $14.85, and so on. We do offer FREE returns shipping, however, if you opt for Store Credit instead of a refund. Please see our Returns and Exchanges page for further details.

The initial shipping charges for sending the products to you are not refunded, except in cases where SHUKR is at fault for sending an incorrect product.

Both the initial shipping and any returns cost are highly subsidized rates. The actual cost that SHUKR pays DHL for each shipment is typically at least double the rate that we charge our customers. While we would love to offer completely free shipping or returns shipping, this would force us to increase our product prices to compensate for the extra cost.

We charge a returns shipping fee per item in order to avoid misuse of our FREE shipping offer. Sometimes customers will order tens of items in order to try on various colors and sizes and then return almost all of them. This can cost us hundreds of dollars in shipping costs, is unfair to other customers because we can not offer the cheapest shipping options we would like to, and increases the carbon footprint in our world. As explained above, we have gone to extra lengths to make choosing the correct size an almost risk-free affair by providing very detailed sizing information in 2 size charts.

Returns need to be sent back with DHL, which SHUKR will arrange once you contact us about a return. Please see our Returns and Exchanges page for further details.

Timely shipping

You should receive your order within a maximum of 5 business days from the date of shipping your order from our warehouse.

The date of shipping is normally the next day after placing your order. Exceptions to this include orders placed on Thursday - which are shipped on Saturday, after the Friday weekend break - and orders that require any follow up with customers prior to shipping.

Shipping Queries

If you have any queries about the shipping status of orders placed, please contact us using the “About My Order” option, and we will track your package, ensuring a speedy recovery.

For more information, please contact us using the “General Queries” option.