SHUKR: Our Ethics

At SHUKR, it’s more than just clothing - our ethics are what make us different. Everything we do is based upon God-centered values that we believe in one hundred percent. From our ethical treatment of employees to our financial practices, SHUKR’s vision is to be an inspiration for how to run a successful, halal and ethical business.

Put Faith Into Fashion

When you choose to shop from SHUKR, you don’t have to make the all too common choice between style and modesty. Our talented designers ensure that all pieces are sophisticated and stylish. We believe that the Divine is beautiful and loves beauty, and we try to make our clothes a reflection of this beauty. However, they are also designed to be loose and modest, meeting the modest faith standards of Islam and other faiths. Rest assured that you won’t have to second-guess or modify our items, as they already come with the highest modesty standards in mind.

Avoiding Exploitation of Female Beauty

We believe that the beauty of women lies in the depth of their hearts and minds and that marketing shouldn’t exploit female physical beauty. You will notice that our photography does not show the faces of our models. This was a conscious decision we took over 15 years ago and we have stuck to our principles ever since, despite the commercial pressures to compromise.

More Than Just Sweatshop Free Clothing

Unfortunately, the horror stories about sweatshop labor in the clothing industry are well known, and when SHUKR was founded we pledged to not follow the immorality of exploitive labor. However, we go further than merely making sure our factories are sweatshop free. At SHUKR, we see our workers are more than just cogs in a machine; they are beautiful human beings with feelings, hearts and souls. So we ensure that our employees are treated with dignity and work in superior working conditions where spiritual, as well as professional, growth is cultivated.

Itqan, or Perfection, in Our Work

From the creativity of the design of the clothing, to the high quality fabrics we use, to the rigorous production standards we insist upon, everything we do is governed by the Islamic concept of Itqan, or perfecting the work that one does. Speaking of our high quality fabrics, we focus mostly on fabrics which have a natural origin and are ethically sourced from top producers all around the world. SHUKR is the only Islamic clothing company to use such a wide range of high quality natural materials like Tencel, linen, cotton, silk and wool.

We’re changing the world

Maybe not the world, but we’re definitely trying to change the industry. By aiming to replace immodesty with modesty, ugly distortions with traditional beauty and materialism with spirituality, we try to inject a good dose of the values of traditional faith into the fashion industry.

We are dedicated to providing high-quality and stylish modest clothing at a reasonable price, and to use the highest ethical and Islamic standards when conducting business. By buying from SHUKR you are actively supporting positive change in the world and we thank you deeply for doing so.